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Lyrical Skirt Dancewear
Ballet Skirt Dancewear


TEL. 07873706658 (MON-FRI 9:00AM-5:00PM)



Here at Inspired Costumes we are a UK manufacturer and retailer of dance wear and costumes based in Nottingham. What helps make us unique to many other dance wear and costume retailers is that we have an in-house designer and manufacturing processes, so we see the majority of our clothes go from the designing stage, to being cut and made, all under one roof. We make a variety of wears including skirts, shorts, leotards, tops and stage wear. 

Because we manufacture in the UK, we are able to customise clothing if you need something bigger or smaller than what you see. So feel free to go to our Contact Us page if you would like something custom made. We will always try to accommodate.

We believe in supporting British businesses and so we source most of our materials and prints from within the UK. By operating in this way it enables us to give customers a wider variety of products and items of clothing that are unique only to us. We also aim to provide employment opportunities in this sector of industry as we grow.


At Inspired Costumes, the service and quality of goods that our customers receive are our highest priorities and we hope to never disappoint with our service or quality of goods.


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